Astronaut Karen Nyberg 1

Meet astronaut Dr Karen L Nyberg, with more than fifty thousand followers on Twitter as @AstroKarenN, after the footsteps of ‘starman’ Chris Hadfield on board the Space Station.

Images © AstroKarenN/NASA

Sunrise casts blue on #Canadarm2.

Astronaut Nyberg is currently serving as a flight engineer for Expediton 36. Sunrise casts blue on #Canadarm2.

Canary Islands. July 6.

The Canary Islands. July 6.

Astronaut Karen Nyberg 4

Celebrating the 5th anniversary of the launch on STS-124 Discovery to deliver the Japanese Lab to the ISS.

Sunset from ISS.

Sunset from ISS.

Astronaut Nyberg controlling the robotic arm

Astronaut Nyberg controlling the robotic arm, carrying @astro_luca, during spacewalk.

The Nile Delta, from ISS

The Nile Delta, feeding the Mediterranean Sea. July 10.

Source NASA