Fischer-Tropsch process

A new machine designed by a German company, can generate fuel only by combining hydrogen and CO2!

Image © Sunfire GmbH/R. Deutscher

Unveiled by German company Sunfire GmbH, a machine that converts water and carbon dioxide into synthetic petroleum-based fuels. The key element of the procedure is the Fischer-Tropsch process, that turns carbon monoxide and hydrogen into liquid hydrocarbons.

First the water turned to steam. Oxygen is removed from this steam to produce hydrogen, used to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) to carbon monoxide (CO).

Using the Fischer-Tropsch process, the resultant H2 and CO are then synthesized into fuel.

Sunfire CTO Christian von Olshausen, said:

“This rig enables us to prove technical feasibility on an industrial scale. It is now a matter of regulatory factors falling into place in a way which gives investors a sufficient level of planning reliability. Once that has occurred it will be possible to commence the step-by-step substitution of fossil fuels. If we want to achieve fuel autonomy in the long term, we need to get started today.”

via CNET