drink map of the US

Scientists analysed tweets to find out what people preferred to drink, in the U.S. They found big differences between the coasts.

Illustrations © Matthew Zook and Ate Poorthuis

University of Kentucky geographers Matthew Zook and Ate Poorthuis, they analysed over a million tweets to produce the maps for their book, The Geography of Beer, published by Springer.

According to their study the East Coast prefers Bud, while the West goes for Coors.

Those living near the coast tend to prefer beer over wine.

“Washington, Colorado and California prefer wine, while Midwest, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas prefer beer.”

Matthew Zook, said:

“The Twitter maps quite accurately reflect various regions history and cultural practices surrounding beer production and consumption, and show just how much reality and cyberspace overlap.”

drink map of the US 2

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