Square Kilometre Array (SKA)

NASA book “Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication,” suggests that ancient rock art could have been created by extraterrestrials.    Square Kilometre Array (SKA) starts work in 2022


The new book by NASA details the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), the challenges for making first contact, if aliens already visited Earth, searching for signs of life on planets and more.

The authors say “it is something that might happen one day.”

Addressing a field that has been dominated by astronomers, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, the contributors to this collection raise questions that may have been overlooked by physical scientists about the ease of establishing meaningful communication with an extraterrestrial intelligence. These scholars are grappling with some of the enormous challenges that will face humanity if an information-rich signal emanating from another world is detected. By drawing on issues at the core of contemporary archaeology and anthropology, we can be much better prepared for contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, should that day ever come.

You can now download “Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication” as a Kindle book, a universal ePub, or PDF.

source NASA