Selfie from Mars

Curiosity Self-Portrait to mark the first full Martian year of the NASA’s rover on the Red planet, on June 24th.

A Martian year, 687 Earth days or 669 sols, since its landing on August 5, 2012.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover used the camera at the end of its arm in April and May 2014 to take dozens of component images combined into this self-portrait where the rover drilled into a sandstone target called “Windjana.”

Winjana is within a science waypoint site called “The Kimberley,” where sandstone layers with different degrees of resistance to wind erosion are exposed close together.

The view does not include the rover’s arm.  It does include the hole in Windjana produced by the hammering drill on Curiosity’s arm collecting a sample of rock powder from the interior of the rock.

source NASA