Antarctic Port (14)

A futuristic Antarctic Port for research and tourism, a multi-functional hub for transport and accommodation designed by architecture student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.

Images © Sergiu-Radu Pop

The Antarctic Port for research and tourism designed by architecture student Sergiu-Radu Pop at Zaha Hadid’s Studio at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, is a development plans for the Earth’s final frontier.

Antarctic Port (13)

The project employs two different designs: spaces devoted to Antarctic research, and open public spaces devoted to the tourism.

Antarctic Port (12)

The location of this project is the Antarctic. The qualities to be found within this specific environment, such as extreme winds, temperatures and precipitation, the regular transforming state of the environment from solid to liquid state and back, the unique play of light given by the local alternation of day and night or the constant need for adaptation of living organism with seasonal climate change constitute parameters for the further exploration and integration into the design process.

Rather than following conventional design strategies, the aim is to investigate into new and alternative processes like bio mimicry, bionics and biomorphic design. By examining nature’s models, systems, algorithms and elements, the goal is not to mimic but to rather learn from the intricate, all-encompassing interplay of its elements and multiple layers of complexity.

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