Anti-Piracy water curtain

Anti-piracy curtain to deter pirates from attacking ships designed by a division of Japan’s NYK Group, along with hose manufacturer Yokoi. It’consists of a series of hoses that are dangled off both sides of the vessel.

The system consists of two elements:

The first sprays water from high-volume nozzles, which hinder the pirates from boarding the ship, as well as filling up the pirate’s vessels with water.

The second are hoses which whip around violently, with the purpose of intimidating pirates from a distance.

Anti-Piracy water curtain

“If a pirate boat approaches, with this system, the first line of defense is to threaten to capsize the pirate boat, by filling it with water at the rate of over 1 cm per minute. Another tactic is our patented hose, which is a new idea. By spraying water from the nozzle tip, the hose is made to move around unpredictably, using a very small amount of water. We’ve made the hose snake around near the bottom of the boat, without rising too high, by attaching a sinker to the end.”

Anti-Piracy water curtain 3

via popsci