Apollo 13 checklist

The Apollo 13 Lunar Module Systems Activation Checklist upon which Commander James Lovell made his handwritten calculations to guide his wounded spacecraft and crew home – scant two hours after uttering the famous words, “Houston, we’ve had a problem.” – consigned by Commander Lovell himself, brought $388,375 today as the centerpiece of Heritage Auctions’ Nov. 30 Space Signature(R) Auction.

It was sold to an anonymous East Coast collector. The $388,375 final price realized, which includes 19.5% Buyer’s Premium, is the highest price ever realized for a piece of Apollo Space Program memorabilia that did not make it to the moon’s surface. The winning bid was more than 15 times the pre-auction estimate of $25,000+.

“This little booklet is a powerful reminder of a great American story that was not only a great American moment, but also triumphant moment for the world,” said Michael Riley, Senior Historian at Heritage Auctions. “As far as space memorabilia goes, it’s likely as great as something can get without having actually been to the lunar surface. In many ways it’s even more amazing than that. Without this the Apollo 13 crew would not have known their position in space. It helped create the greatest successful failure in the history of space exploration.”

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