MacBook Air
The future of computing: They’re bringing ideas, in both hardware and software, from the iOS line (iPhone and iPad) and integrating them into the Mac. Oh, and they also announced a ludicrously thin and lustworthy new MacBook Air.

As you’d expect, glossed over much of the intricacies of their newly-announced forthcoming OS, which is pegged for a summer 2011 release. But luckily, both Lion (and to some extent the latest version iLife) can be summed up with ideas, rather than features. The main thrust of these two new releases is what we saw with the release of the iPad, and even the newest Apple TV: Apple’s future will begin to blur the distinction between the mobile iOS and and the desktop OS X.

In the case of iLife and Lion, that’ll mean more multitouch gestures and the addition of FaceTime chat (pretty much like an Apple-only Skype for Macs and iOS devices), but also a shift in their general design philosophies, with more full-screen app experiences and an always-on, always-saving workspace.

via popsci