Apple's head-mounted displays

Are these the new Apple’s head-mounted displays? Apple has now be granted a patent for a “Peripheral treatment for head-mounted displays.”

The patent was originally filed back in 2006 and the patent was granted to Apple this week.

According to Apple’s patent, the technology is similar to total internal reflection, where light is bounced within a lens from the origin point, such as a micro-projector, or LCD/OLED panel, through to the user’s eyes.

“One advantage is that the treatment of the peripheral area of the field of view leads to increased viewing comfort compared to conventional HMDs, and may also lead to a smaller likelihood of the user experiencing “motion sickness” phenomena during extended viewing. Another advantage is that users can make individual adjustments of their HMDs to fit the distance between their eyes. Further advantages include a greater immersive experience, larger virtual field of view, and increased overall image brightness” Apple patent.

Apple's head-mounted displays

via gizmodo