Aprilia (3)

This is the new concept bike from designer Roberto Vernile in collaboration with Aprilia. This bike has everything you always desired to have in your bike and the most unique feature it provides you with is the concept of total personalization.

This concept allows you to move the seat, handlebars and the foot pegs, as the chassis is adjustable according to your specific requirements.

The frame of this bike is made of Trellis (a lattice of light wooden or metal parts)and the various parts are linked to each other by modular connections.

The rider has also an option of choosing his posture while driving. He can either choose a posture as that of a racer (that is a position in which the rider bends down) or may choose to drive with an upright posture as seen in bikes usually.

For sports riding, you have the option of replacing the front (made of perspex) with a smaller windshield. There are three brake pads available for usage without any difficulty of replacement by any tools. This wonderful project is believed to have a powerful 1200cc twin engine so that you can zoom around on the roads for longer distances at thrilling speeds.

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