Aquarium Kuroshio Sea in Japan. A whale shark in a huge tank at an aquarium in Okinawa, Japan. The large acrylic window through which this impressive scene is displayed measures 8.2m in height, 22.5m in width, and is 60cm thick.

A kaleidoscopic variety of fish swim in a large tank, including the 8.5 meter whale shark and a manta ray with the world’s record for longevity in captivity.

The main tank called the ‘Kuroshio Sea’ holds 7,500-cubic meters (1,981,290 gallons) of water and features the world’s second largest acrylic glass panel, measuring 8.2 meters by 22.5 meters with a thickness of 60 centimeters. Whale sharks and manta rays are kept amongst many other fish species in the main tank.