Arrow concept car (1)

The Arrow concept car by Charles Bombardier, It’s a small electric vehicle with a narrow body, and a cockpit that opens up like a fighter jet.

The Arrow created by Charles Bombardier in partnership with the Globe & Mail, is powered by a 30-kilowatt, liquid-cooled, double-sided synchronous motor located in the rear.

Arrow concept car (3)

“The motor drives a limited slip differential that powers each rear wheel. It could become a four-wheel-drive vehicle or three-wheel-drive, but for now, I’m keeping things light and simple. Fenders have been added to the torpedo-shaped body, but we haven’t tested the airflow in a fluid dynamic software. The goal is to lower the drag coefficient as much as possible because energy will come from lithium-air batteries and the range target is to exceed 600 kilometres. I like the power-to-weight ratio ‘promised’ by this type of battery, which also releases oxygen when it’s charging.”

Arrow concept car (2)

Arrow concept car (1)


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