Artificial blood

A team at the University of Edinburgh will test artificial blood in 3 patients with blood disorders, in 2016.   Image © wikimedia

The researchers have now reached an efficiency of almost 50 per cent to produce red blood cells from stem cells, in a £5million project.

According to the team at the University of Edinburgh, artificial blood could one day replace donations.transfusions.

Professor Marc Turner, medical director at Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) who is leading the study, said:

‘Producing a cellular therapy which is of the scale, quality and safety required for human clinical trials is a very significant challenge.

But if we can achieve success with this first-in-man clinical study it will be an important step forward to enable populations all over the world to benefit from blood transfusions.

These developments will also provide information of value to other researchers working on the development of cellular therapies.’

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