Artscience museumartscience museum‘ by internationally renowned architect moshe safdie welcomed visitors
for the first time to its 6,000 square meter cultural center on 19 february 2011.

Artscience museumLocated adjacent to the marina bay sands – also designed by Safdie – the project is the first museum dedicated to the dynamic interplay between art and science.
The circular design features ten finger-like structures that extend out to create a lotus flower form.

Artscience museumFrom the inside out, every element in the design of the Artscience museum reinforces the institution’s philosophy of creating a bridge between the arts and sciences,’ said Safdie.
‘The building combines the aesthetic and functional, the visual and the technological and for me, really represents the forward looking spirit of Singapore.’

Artscience museumΤhe sculptural museum houses 21 naturally lit galleries in total. Each ‘petal’ form is capped off with an expansive skylight which draws in daylight into the interior. Wrapped in a double-curved fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) skin, the vertical sides of each petal are sheathed in bead-blasted stainless steel panels.
This specific application of FRP has made joint-less construction possible, resulting in a seamless and continuous surface.

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