Aston Martin Voyage 55

The Voyage 55-foot speedboat speedboat design, is the vision of naval architect and Aston Martin owner Luiz de Basto, who has several Magnum yacht designs to his credit.

The name follows traditional Aston Martin nomenclature evident in the Vantage, Virage, Vanquish and Volante models, but goes far beyond semantics with a raft of design elements familiar to the British automaker’s svelte GTs.

Aston Martin Voyage 55 (4)

Aston Martin Voyage 55 (3)

“With the idea of not merely making a transposition of a car into a boat, like so many other boat designs that pay tribute to famous car manufacturers, the biggest challenge was exactly that, how to best feature the classic Aston Martin icon, the radiator grille. Determined to maintain the signature element of the brand and constrained by the fact that boats don’t have radiators by definition, the shape needed to be incorporated somehow. After several sketches it became obvious that the only solution was to shape the windshield like the radiator, so the well known iconic shape has been harmoniously incorporated as a windshield,” the designer says.

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