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Atlas Fitness Tracker identifies and tracks your exercises at the gym. Can track your body on the x, y and z-axes. It’s so precise. Keeps track of your heart rate so you can see how each movement affects your body.

With a single on-wrist device, Atlas logs your workout with almost zero user action. It can tell the difference between push-ups and triangle push-ups.

With Atlas, there’s no need to take your phone to the gym anymore. The on-wrist display gives you live feedback on the type, speed and quality of your exercises as you’re working out.

You can use that real-time feedback to instantly see your progress and keep track of how many miles you ran, how many laps you swam and how much weight you benched. Atlas helps you anticipate plateaus and find what makes you stronger, faster.

Atlas is compatible with your favorite fitness apps, including MapMyFitness and Fitocracy. When you leave the gym, all of your hard-earned workout data gets synced with your favorite app. If you don’t have a favorite app yet, Atlas is built on an open API so you can build your own amazing applications to use with the wristband.

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