Audi Airomorph might be the most innovative concept car ever, designed by Art Center graduate Eric Kim with the supervision of Audi AG.

Images © Eric Kim

The ‘Project Airomorph’ sponsored by Audi AG, is meant to represent the future of Le Mans racing.

The design by Eric Kim, a graduate at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, is based on the multihulled racing catamaran vessel.

Eric explains: “Mimicking the catamaran fundamentals of racing I wanted to pursue a similar approach in my Le Mans Concept.”

Airomorph will be made of a single sheet of cloth layered and the skin from a silver expansion-resistant textile, will cover its frame.

Each ‘wheel’ pod placement has a cable attached to it and the body will have a continuous motion achieving the best driving – aerodynamic conditions.

The driver sitting in a revolutionary new cockpit, that will be covered by a single sheet of cloth.

No information available about the covered wheels sticking out from the body.

via digitaltrends