Audi R8 art with balloons (1)

Sebastien Leon, a New York based French musician and installation artist, highlights AUDI‘s light aluminum frame with balloons at the 2013 Guangzhou auto show in China.

Image © Sebastien Leon

Sebastien Leon was commissioned to create an installation celebrating the relentless innovations of Audi, the German car manufacturer. He filled a spherical room fifteen meters in diameter with over a thousand silver foil balloons, some filled with air and others with helium, all reflecting a hypnotic image of the car, the room and its visitors.

Audi R8 art with balloons (4)


Floating on the ceiling, fifteen wireless speakers were playing an electronic symphonic dialogue of filtered industrial sounds mixed with the songs of thirty different birds. The installation is based on Sufi poet Farid ud-Din Attar’s series of poems called “The Conference of the Birds” that were written in 1177.

Audi R8 art with balloons (3)


Audi R8 art with balloons (2)


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