AudioOrbs sphere  1

The AudioOrb sphere is the first speaker that you can enter. Never have solitude sounded so good. Is fitted with 18 speakers and blocks outside noise.

The AudioOrb, by Scandinavian creative lab ST, who also created one of the largest iPod speaker docks ever built, It is made of Plexiglas and fitted with pillows that adjust to body shape.
Only five Orbs are due to be made at a cost of $15,000 each.

AudioOrbs sphere  2

Have you ever entered a small confined space you have also experienced the silence and solitude that you’ll find inside. Spherical spaces almost completely blocks the noise from the outside world. This was our starting point when we developed the AudioOrbs. The first spherical speaker you can enter. Based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon developed by the same team we have fitted the AudoOrbs with speakers instead of storage modules.

Fitted with Tempur pillows that adjust after the shape of your body ensures that not only the design gives the Orb a floating expression, you will feel like you are floating when inside the Orb.

The 18 speakers mounted inside gives you a rich and full audio spectrum.

Inside the Orb the outside world fades away, ideal for relaxation.

via indiegogo