Australian High Speed

Hassell has revealed its conceptual design for an Australian High Speed Vehicle (A-HSV). The A-HSV train is a double decker machine with low-carbon emissions. A safe mode of transport for future travel between Australian capital and regional cities.

Australian High Speed

The train was apparently inspired by the 1960′s version of the Holden Monaro coupe and it promises to transport its future passengers in style.

The A-HSV train by HASSELL promises to be a luxurious ride for anyone that hops aboard. HASSELL sees the train shuttling commuters quickly between urban areas, and from populous centers to the countryside.

The train will have just 4 kg of CO2 emissions per 100 passengers per kilometer — compared to 14 kg for a car, or 17 for a plane carrying the same number of people the same distance.

Travelling at 400km per hour, a trip from Melbourne to Sydney would take under three hours, providing a viable transportation alternative to one of the busiest air traffic corridors in the world.


via hassell