Calorie Counter

Scientists at GE Global Research are developing advanced sensor to make estimation of dietary calories in food, a calorie counter as simple as the touch of a button.   Check out the video…

The GE team together with researchers at Baylor University’s Department Electrical and Computer Engineering is now testing the system on simple mixtures of oil, water and sugar. They have built a prototype, but the prize is a push-button device that could be in every kitchen.

One day the team could link the device with a smartphone app or a workout wristband. Says GE’s Matt Webster:

“I walked through it rationally. I eliminated fat and accounted for water to figure out what the average calorie density was.

The equation takes the fat, water  content numbers and assumes values for the rest.

You actually don’t need to know the details. We just have  to account for it. That’s the secret sauce.

I am working on my wife’s dream present.”

Calorie Counter

source GE Reports