Baby Sharks can sense Danger even in their egg cases

A recent discovery shows that baby sharks can sense danger even in their egg cases, before they’re born. Embryonic sharks avoid being detected by predators by staying still.   Watch the video…

Images © Plos One

The study by marine scientists at The University of Western Australia’s Oceans Institute, about shark’s sense of danger, published in the journal Plos One:

“Sharks use highly sensitive electroreceptors to detect the electric fields emitted by potential prey. However, it is not known whether prey animals are able to modulate their own bio electrical signals to reduce predation risk. Here, we show that some shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) embryos can detect predator-mimicking electric fields and respond by ceasing their respiratory gill movements. Despite being confined to the small space within the egg case, where they are vulnerable to predators, embryonic sharks are able to recognize dangerous stimuli and react with an innate avoidance response. Knowledge of such behaviors, may inform the development of effective shark repellents.”

Baby Sharks can sense Danger even in their egg cases

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source PLOS ONE