Barracuda Stealth UAV (1)

Barracuda unmanned fully-autonomous, stealth medium-altitude, long-range UAV began in 2003, and is backed by both Germany and Spain.   Image © Cassidian

Cassidian, the European leader in unmanned aerial systems, looks back over what is now 10 years of test flight experience with its Barracuda UAS demonstrator (Aerial System).

Rolf Wirtz, head of Cassidian’s Mission Systems unit and one of the initiators of the Barracuda programme, said:

“With this unique unmanned demonstrator in Europe, Cassidian is in a position to forge ahead with technological development in unmanned aerial systems. This company-owned test platform has many advantages, not least the unrestricted access to all hardware and software components.”

Barracuda Stealth UAV (2)

Image © wikipedia

Barracuda allows Cassidian to explore all of the key questions of unmanned flight. This also includes the development of the TCAS collision avoidance system for UAS and various aspects of automation. Today’s research activities focus mainly on two points: network centric operations and the integration of unmanned aerial systems into controlled airspace. Since the development of the demonstrator began in 2003, Barracuda has completed more than 540 ground tests and 13 flight tests. And the results from Barracuda testing are directly incorporated into the development of future UAS by Cassidian.

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source EADS