Car designer Gordon Murray, responsible for the iconic McLaren F1, has redesigned another iconic car – the Batmobile.

Premiered on June 16 in London, Professor Gordon Murray designed Batman’s new ride for the upcoming Broadway Musical BATMAN Live.

The 2-seater Batmobile features a Formula 1 inspired aerodynamics complete with the typical crime-fighting gadgets while being Eco-friendly powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Batmobile (1)Batmobile (2)

He was responsible for the initial sketches and concept of the car, but the actual model used in the show was built separately by an independent fabrication shop on London.

It has that retro-futuristic feel to it which probably matched the whole look and theme of the show. Plus for a stage show, It probably makes more sense to have it designed this way for ease of mobility around a cramped area.

via carmagazine