Beer Flavor and Aroma wheel

Beer Flavor and Aroma wheel by the book Craft Beer World by Mark Dredge , separates out the different flavors and aromas of beer by their source: grain, hops, water and yeast.

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Image © Mark Dredge/Dog’N’Bone Books

“Gathering together over 300 of the most innovative and tastiest beers you need to try, and divided into 50 different catagories, you will find the best of the best each style has to offer. Every category comes with an explanation of the key characteristics of the style – whether it’s an American IPA bursting with citrusy C-hops or an Imperial Stout full of dark roasted malts – along with an example of a classic brew and a selection of cutting edge versions that are certain to become instant favourites.”

You can find the book here: Craft Beer World

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