The Sub Beer Machine

A new Beer Machine called The Sub, unveiled by known designer Marc Newson, that looks like a Mac Pro.

Industrial designer Marc Newson created a domestic draft beer machine that “is the equivalent to a Nespresso coffee maker for beer lovers.”

He collaborated with Dutch brewing company Heineken and Krups to produce the home draft beer machine.

The Sub Beer Machine (3)


Marc Newson told Dezeen:

“My wife for example, who loves beer, doesn’t ever drink a whole can of it. Half a can will sit there, get warm and get thrown out.

This enables you to have any amount of beer, you could have a thimble full if you wanted and it would be as good as a big glass.”

The Sub Beer Machine (1)

Marc Newson (left) with Mark van Iterson of Heineken at the launch event for The Sub. Credit Heineken

The Sub Beer Machine (2)


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