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Rawlemon‘s spherical solar concentrating system produces efficient energy in any place. Is the first company who concentrates diffuse light.

Beta.ey by Rawlemon can charge your cell phone 1,5 time a day (depending your location), and comes with a battery storage capacity of 27,5 Whr. It has a USB 2.0 slot to connect directly to any USB 2.0 supported cellphone.

Technology has helped to transform Solar energy into electric and heating power. The problem is low efficiency: the vast majority of PhotoVoltaic panels worldwide have a performance of just 15% or lower; and if the panels aren´t tracking the movement of the sun in the sky, there are further losses of 40% during the year.

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By combining spherical geometry principals with our dual axis tracking system, Rawlemon can reach up to 70% yield surplus compared to a conventional PV panel, when both are placed in vertical set-up. This allows for Rawlemon products to be integrated anywhere and everywhere. At the same time, we reduce the cell surface to 1%, which offers a revolutionary perspective on producing sustainable and low cost energy.

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In the daytime, thanks to solar radiation, the sphere concentrates the light onto the 1X1cm (for the Beta.ey S) Multijunction cell, which is mounted on our patent pending micro dual axis tracking system. This feature allows the cell to follow the sun´s path for the 27,5 Whr battery to charge, making us unique in the mobile device accessory market.

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