Bicycle Flat repair

Patchnride is the first solution to easily and safely repair all flat bicycle tires on the road, in less than 60 seconds.

Patchnride™ is much easier and faster than a regular flat repair. You don’t have to removing the wheel and tire. After you patch your tire, your bicycle is 100% ready for riding for all conditions.

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The portable system works on tubular, clinchers, mountain bikes, cruisers, tubeless tires, fat tires and running stroller tires.

4 easy steps to repair flat tire:

1- Locate the puncture with our leak detector.
2- Remove any debris with the patchnride tool and insert into the puncture.
3- Make sure the tool is fully inserted in the tire and push the go button on the tool and release the Air Seal Patch ™.
4- Remove the tool from the tire and press down with your thumb on the repair. There will be a little rubber piece sticking out and that’s your signal that the repair is complete.

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