Bike Lift and Carry

Bike Lift and Carry, a bicycle shoulder strap that unrolls like a queue divider, for carrying bikes up hills or stairs, by Ukrainian studio Mukomelov.

Bike Lift and Carry by Mukomelov’s Bike Lift and Carry, allows you to easily lift and comfortably carry your bicycle or e-bike as if it was a shoulder bag.

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We have assembled an international team of industrial designers and engineers to design and develop multiple prototypes. Using our life savings, we have filed for a patent, produced and tested a number of functional prototypes, developed packaging and found a world-class manufacturing facility to produce Bike Lift & Carry.

Our team attended Interbike 2013 in Las Vegas to show the working prototype to retailers and distributors, receiving an excellent feedback.

Production specialists with extensive experience in launching innovative products are on board and ready to supervise the production process.

Now we need funding to finish tooling and begin actual production.

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