The Bloodhound SSC will be employ three Atom chips to manage the calculations behind the car’s propulsion systems, including a jet engine from the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft and the largest hybrid rocket ever designed in Europe.

Given the speeds the car will be going, each processor will be checking the others’ calculations to guarantee there are no errors. Another processor will also be used to relay this and other status information, stored on an internal SSD chip, back to the driver on the cockpit displays.

More than 4000 pieces that find place in the vehicle have been independently designed. The rocket powered car can jump from 0 to 1050 mph and come back to the starting in a mere 100 seconds. The sinful wheels spin at an amazing 10,200 rpm which spawns 50,000 radial at the rim. These brawny wheels weigh a whooping 90 kg each and have been crafted out of solid aluminum.

The speedy car will produce 47,000 lbs thrust (equivalent to 133,000 thp), a suspension loading 30 ton and up to 10 tons per square meter of air pressures on the bodywork. The air brakes each exert 2.2 tons as they open.