The Bluebird electric car, driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell’s great-grandson Joe Wales, veers off course during his attempt to set a British speed record in an electric car. The front right wheel of the car sheered off during Joe’s run, causing suspension failure on the car.

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Joe became the fourth generation of the Campbell family to pursue record-breaking.

His great-grandfather Sir Malcolm broke the world land speed record nine times.

He also set a record in 1924 at Pendine Sands, where he set a then-fastest speed in a combustion engine of 146mph.

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The Bluebird team was hoping to use this weekend’s trials to test the technology behind the super-fast car and to build a new electric vehicle for an attempt on the world speed record in two years’ time.

They want to hit 500mph and pass the 307mph record set by the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 team last year.

This would also beat the wheel-driven record, which stands from 2001 at 458mph.

Wales said he hopes this is not the ‘Bluebird’ farewell, after the speed record will continue to attack, he said: ‘I hope this is not the end of the story. We are a small team, facing a severe funding this time of the failure for us is a huge blow. Fortunately, Joe unharmed, his safety is my biggest worry. ‘

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