BMW AirFlow 2 jet helmet

The BMW AirFlow 2 jet helmet, a winner of the Red Dot design award, is light and adapts well to everyone’s skull anatomy.

BMW AirFlow 2 jet helmet

The AirFlow 2 Helmet, build by high-grade materials, featuring two distinctive ventilation openings on the outside and a highly sophisticated ventilation concept on the inside.

Is ready for installation on the BMW Motorrad communication system.

BMW AirFlow 2 jet helmet:

“A helmet for the hot phases of the motorcycling season. Modern design, high-grade materials, and with the unique AirFlow functionality. Optimally positioned air-flow openings and ducts that can be shut when necessary keep the rider’s head cool. Aerodynamics and aero-acoustics are top-notch. The AirFlow 2 is ready for installation of the BMW Motorrad communication system; it is ECE-22-02 compliant with or without the communication system installed.”

BMW AirFlow 2 jet helmet

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