Brazilian Treehopper

The Brazilian Treehopper is probably the weirdest creature you ever seen, and is 100% real!   Crafted model by Alfred Keller.

The above image of the Brazilian treehopper, is of a crafted model created by legendary science sculptor Alfred Keller.

according to Why Evolution Is True, Martin Kemp hypothesizes:

“The hollow globes, like the remarkable excrescences exhibited by other treehoppers, probably deter predators.

It would be hard to grab, much less chow down on, a beast with all those spines and excrescences.

Note, though, that the ornament sports many bristles.

If these are sensory bristles, and not just deterrents to predation or irritating spines, then the ornament may have an unknown tactile function.”

Brazilian Treehopper- the weirdest creature you ever seenImage © Patrick Landmann
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source Why Evolution Is True