Bright Supernova Blows up in nearby M82  -2

A supernova bright enough for even small telescope observers to see, in a bright galaxy in Ursa Major well placed for viewing in the northern hemisphere.

Above: Before and after photos of the galaxy M82 showing the appearance of a brand new 11.7 magnitude supernova. Credit: E. Guido, N. Howes, M. Nicolini

The new supernova named SN2014J at 12 million light years away, was discovered by S.J. Fossey.

Top image: The new supernova in M82 captured by the 32-inch Schulman Telescope (RCOS) at the Mount Lemmon Sky Center in Arizona on January 23, 2014. Credit and copyright: Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

Bright Supernova Blows up in nearby M82  -1

An image of M82 taken on January 19, 2014, before the official announcement of the discovery of the supernova. SN2014J is clearly visible. Credit and copyright: Sarah Hall & Colin Campbell.

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