Brown-headed bald eagle

Brown-headed bald eagle

May 14, 2011

bald eagleThe one brown-headed bald eagle stands out among his family. Not quite old enough to have shed the feathers of his youth. The juvenile bird looks the odd-one-out as he nestles among the group. Photograph Pam Mullins

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  1. Benjamin White 2014/11/16 at 9:37 pm - Reply

    How might I get a hi-res copy of Pam Mullin’s “Brown-headed bald eagle”? For personal use only, I’d like to have a copy suitable for printing in a format that I could hang this, framed of course, on my office wall. This picture sends chill bumps down my spine, in a good way.
    Thank you,
    Ben White
    Lakeland, FL USA

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