Busan Opera House

Jian Junkai + Huang Jinqi from China, have submitted a proposal for the ‘Busan Opera House’ International Design competition for Busan, South Korea.

This building will serve as a performing arts center designed to house high class operas and simultaneously promote an increase in artistic activities in the city.

Busan Opera House (3)

The triangular footprint of the building is oriented with an open face towards the direction of the sea accentuating the impressive view.

A ramp accessing the podium level extends to the water and turns into waterfront decks with unobstructed sight lines.

Busan Opera House (5)

From the ramp, visitors may access the main entrance, public plaza and outdoor auditorium.

The outdoor arena and surrounding green space will provide a venue for artists and performers to display their craft, as well as a place for the public to meet, congregate and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Busan Opera House (2)

Busan Opera House (4)