Busan Opera house

This is the proposal from Australia-based practice Lacoste + Stevenson Architects, of their entry into the open International competition for the design of ‘Busan Opera House’, a new cultural complex due to start construction early 2014 in Busan, South Korea.

Busan Opera house (4)

Aiming to maximize on the surrounding parkland as well as to make the architecture flexible for large outdoor events, the design features moveable facade parts that open and close to meet the needs of a variety of events.

The form of the building is reminiscent of Korean stone art or Suseok that has marked important sites within the landscape for centuries.  Marking the new Maritime Cultural District with the Busan Opera House pays respect to shamanistic belief that nature is alive and that large-scale elements have souls.  Applying such a metaphor to an opera house and the artistic and public life that will evolve resonates with this Korean tradition.

While the Opera House is not yet open to the public, the entry point is through the disguised, lower entrance restricted to staff, back of house deliveries and services in preparation for the coming day.

Busan Opera house (3)

Busan Opera house (2)

Busan Opera house (1)