Busan Opera House

The Busan Opera House, designed by Nabito Architects from Barcelona, will put the city on the international map, allowing it to become part of the network of world renowned opera houses.

Busan Opera House (1)

The I-Opera, the title of their project, will not only be integrated on an international level, but it will also serve as a landmark on the local level.

The site and the building are made physically accessible through pedestrian and vehicular pathways and a drop-off area has been provided for maritime access.

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From the heart of the building, three emphatic escalators offer the visitor the choice to reach the different activities of the building.

As an elitist programme, the targeted user-group for an Opera house is very exclusive. This has been transcended through the concept of accessibility; transparency and communication are key concepts in our proposal.

By engaging the sea with the city, not merely visually, but also physically, the core of the I-Opera houses an open and apparent public space.

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