Busan Opera House

Designed by OODA from Portugal, the scheme engages with the natural topography, articulating a multi-levelled building and integrating the different cultural activities and program seamlessly. The dominant flow circulation, flexibility and concept strategy enables full accessibility.

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The design concept creates spaces that blur the difference between building and landscape, intensifying the fluidity between interior and exterior spaces, indoor and outdoor venues.

The formal image with its vibrant and meaningful presence helps to create a brand new-age landmark for South Korea as a strong symbolic voice to the world.

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The Grand Opera auditorium features flexible stage locations and seating arrangements with rotating platforms enabling large and small scale events to occur within the space.

Accommodating the needs of different concerts, visitors may have a variety of perspectives to view performances with a central stage and perimeter seating or a single view with all seating oriented in the same direction.

A secondary multipurpose theater within the smaller volume is interconnected with a banquet hall, convention center, shopping, cafes and restaurants.

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