C-Explorer 3

The C-Explorer 3 Submersible, a full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull vessel, offers a unique around view to the 3 passengers, at 1,000 meters depth.

Exploration, salvage, archeology, biology, inspection, maintenance, filming.
Optional equipment is ready to fit your needs: the C-Explorers can carry tools that allow scientists to work. HD cameras, high-intensity lights, magnetometers, bottom profilers and manipulator arms, etc. Whether being used for the monitoring of pipelines, the inspection of other facilities, welding operations or just filmmaking; the C-Explorers are easily equipped with additional tools.

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With its practical configuration and full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull, this exceptional submersible cruises at 3 knots below the surface offering unparalleled performance.

The pilot and the observer sit comfortably upright on regular seating while cabin pressure is maintained at one atmosphere. Cabin temperature and humidity is maintained at a comfortable level by the submersible`s air-conditioning system and all life support related parameters are monitored by the pilot.

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  • Fully acrylic pressure hull with top-hatch
  • Up to 1,000 meters operating depth
  • Up to 16 hours endurance
  • Standard air conditioning system
  • Most versatile scientific research submersible

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