C-Thru Helmet

The C-Thru is a smoke diving helmet designed for the firefighters to aid them through their search into smoke and rescue missions.

Since it is almost impossible to see within the highly dense smoke, the smoke divers have to crawl on the ground and find their way by keeping hand contact with the walls while carrying heavy air supports and hand held equipments.

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At the same time the firefighters, they need to keep checking the thermal imaging device and need to keep hold on to one another’s air tank handle in order not to lose each other. They also have less than six minutes to rescue all the victims within the building before the smoke kills them. C-thru provides a wireframe vision of the interior geometry surrounding the smoke diver, and enhances the surrounding sounds selectively, thus letting the smoke divers search for the victims more accurately. It simplifies many separate layers of heat and impact protection into a single package.  which stabilizes and eases the movements.

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