student can float above her body

A Canadian student told her professor, Claude Messier the school of Psychology at the University of Ottawa, that she has “out of body experiences” whenever she wants.

She is an extraordinary case because she is the first person with this condition to be studied. She can “float” above her body which means she can experience her body moving outside the boundaries of her physical body, while remaining aware of her unmoving physical body.

The 25-year-old student explains to Gillian Mohney: “I feel myself moving, or, more accurately, can make myself feel as if I am moving. I know perfectly well that I am not actually moving,” the student told the researchers. “In fact, I am hyper-sensitive to my body at that point, because I am concentrating so hard on the sensation of moving…For example, if I ‘spin’ for long enough, I get dizzy.”

Top image: Screencap taken from the documentary The Phase.

via io9