Capital Gate Towerin1The certification comes after months of strict evaluation by a Guinness committee that started in January upon completion of the exterior of the 35-story tower.

Capital Gate

The 160-meter high tower leans at an angle of 18 degrees, more than 4 times the angle of the Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa. Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company is the owner and developer of the tower. The tower is designed by international architectural firm RMJM and is slated to be completed by 2010. The tower is being built using many innovative techniques that contribute to its unique shape and strength.

Capital Gate integrates several sustainability features. The tower sports a double-glazed façade that facilitates greater energy efficiency. This is due to the air being pre-cooled between the inner and outer facades before being expelled. Also, low-emissivity glass, being used for the first time in the UAE, keeps the building’s interior cool while maintaining transparency and eliminating glare. The building also features a unique stainless steel ‘splash’ descending from the nineteenth floor. This ‘splash acts as a design element as well as a shading device that eliminates 30% of the sun’s heat before it can reach the building. The ‘splash’ also twists around the building towards the south providing the tower maximum protection from sunlight.

Capital Gate Towerin3Capital Gate Towerin5

Capital Gate Towerin4


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