Caravisio Camper concept 2

The Caravisio Camper design by Knaus Tabbert inspired by small yacht, comes from two years’ worth of collaboration between more than 20 different companies.

The Caravisio shell design is a result of intense wind tunnel testing to offer the best aerodynamic performance.

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In the interior the two single beds with V shape can form also single double bed.

An intelligent water management, for the spacious bathroom and the kitchenette, controls water usage via its own touchscreen.

The rear part of the Caravisio opens to a fold-out a large deck.

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“A new type of layout forms the basis of the Caravisio concept. Single beds in the front are arranged in V-shape and can be turned into a large double bed by way of a mattress extension. The bed position allows clearly improved aerodynamics. During the day the sleeping room is activated, and the beds with raised upholstery elements are an invitation to relay. With the large panorama window this room is a very special attraction.

Controlling the caravan of the future also possible shows a trend. By way of a bus system essential elements inside and outside the caravan can be comfortably and centrally controlled with an app. With an air-suspension chassis, for example, the complete caravan can be lowered to ground level in only a few seconds to allow barrier-free access to the interior. With an iPhone, iPad etc. the steadies also can be controlled individually. The caravan levels itself automatically. The door of the  Caravisio features another highlight. Both the entrance door and the outside hatches  of the front stowage compartments can be centrally locked with a finger scan.”

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source Knaus Tabbert