Carbyne- Carbon's new champion 1

Carbyne, a form of carbon bond that it is extremely lightweight, stronger than any other known material, including diamond, and twice as tough and tear such as graphene.   Have a look at the video…

Carbyne created and stabilized at room temperature, by a team from Rice University.

The material was first theorised in the 1960s, but until now no-one has successfully created it, with some scientists even predicting it would be impossible to synthesise in ‘real world’ conditions.

It’s thought it could have uses in micro-mechanics and incredibly strong, light-weight fabrics.

Carbyne- Carbon's new champion 2

The Carbyne’s carbon-atom chains would be difficult to make but would be twice as strong as two-dimensional graphene sheets. Credit: Vasilii Artyukhov/Rice University

via sciencedaily