Cassini spies mysterious object on Saturn's Rings

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft spies a mysterious object confounding scientists, named ‘Peggy’, at edge of Saturn’s rings.    NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

The strange object was spotted by accident on April 15. A that time Cassini’s cameras were focused at the small Saturn’s moon Prometheus, orbiting inside another of Saturn’s rings.

Astronomer Carl Murray of Queen Mary University of London, a member of the mission’s imaging team, noticed an odd kink at the A ring’s edge that jutted outward.

“I’d not seen anything like this personally in the A ring,” he said.

Physicist Matthew Hedman from the University of Idaho, said:

“What he sees is a disturbance in the rings.”

“It may well be that the discovery image was the breakup of the object,” Murray added.

“Is it going to ride the edge out? Or will the edge sweep past it?” asked Hedman.

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