Unexplained loud noises

What caused the mysterious loud booms? Unexplained loud noises were heard across the UK and New York last weekend.

The unexplained loud booms being heard from the UK to the skies over New York. Theories range from ultrasonic spy planes, meteors, fireworks, and.. UFOs.

A secret spy jet?

Lockheed Martin similar to SR-72 spy plane

Aurora a top secret aircraft to be able to accelerate up to Mach 6, in development since 1989. Last year Lockheed Martin announced it was developing a similar SR-72 spy plane.

Mr L. Wilso, said:
“I heard noises in the air like the report of cannon at a distance.”

But science writer David Dickinson was among the experts who dismissed the meteor theory and he told MailOnline:

“There was one piece of debris from Russian satellite Kosmos 2251 scheduled for re-entry, but said that the timing was ‘not a good fit’ for it to have been over the UK.”

“I do not think it was a meteor or a piece of space-junk, as the noises mentioned spanned a large segment of time.

Plus, unless it was cloudy over the UK., there would’ve been visual sightings.”

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