Amazing photos of a well-hidden Orchid Mantis and other camouflaged pretenders.

Sitting on a plant, this Orchid Mantis blends into its background as it patiently waits for its prey.
The Malaysian insect in one of several chameleon creatures photographed by Alex Hyde, a teacher of Biological Photography at the University of Nottingham.
The 27-year-old’s close-up pictures reveal the mysterious world of creatures in hiding.
He captured the chameleons in various locations, from the rainforests of Madagascar to his own home and garden in Derbyshire.


Hidden: A peppered moth sits camouflaged on birch tree bark in Mr Hyde's garden in Derbyshire

Closer to home and this sea scorpion is camouflaged in a rockpool on the Isle of Skye

Unseen: A Platypelis grandis frog hides against moss in Masoala Peninsula National Park


Blending into the background: A Violin Mantis finds some excellent camouflage among dead leaves


Camouflaged: A leaf-tailed gecko on a mossy tree trunk in a rainforest in Masoala Peninsula National Park, north-east Madagascar

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