Chongqing skyscraperThe Chonqing New World Shopping Center rises next to the Yangtze River like a cylindrical jellyfish.

Chongqing skyscraperIridescent and glowing with soft, colored lights, aspiring to be the new icon of Chongqing, China’s central business district downtown, upon completion, the Center will be the world’s 13th largest shopping, entertainment and leisure facility in the world, with a floor area exceeding 700,00 square meters.

Chongqing skyscraperThe tower, which is actually two wrapped to rise as one, will house luxury residential housing and a 5-star hotel. Below, spread amongst a beautifully landscaped park, is a sprawling, glass-encased, four-level shopping area. The bulbous glass shapes that cover the long shopping area will protect shoppers from the pollution that pervades the enormous city (2007 census figures show 31 million residents in the municipality).

Chongqing skyscraperThe skyscraper was designed by German architecture firm Logon. While they don’t specify how, exactly, the firm says that sunlight, water, landscaping and wind will be utilized as natural resources that can beautify, and potentially help power, the complex.

Chongqing skyscraper